Our breadth of expertise is wholly focused on project success. We have deep experience and proven results across a range of disciplines: Interior Design, Design-Build RFP Preparation, Feasibility Studies, Planning, and CAD Production. Bringing these disciplines together helps us exceed client expectations and deliver consistent results against projects’ timelines and budgets. Our clients are confident in our ability to support specific design and planning challenges. We have the expertise to deliver detailed schematics and hands-on construction administration to ensure successful, timely project completion.

Our work endures beyond the cutting of a ribbon at a grand opening. We take pride in the know-how that transforms the built environment and makes a positive impact on the people and businesses that rely on the spaces we create together.


Interior Design

Spaces work best when designed with the people who will use them in mind. We work closely with our clients to reveal their true goals and the optimal results of the finished space. Should it inspire creativity? Improve workflow? Soothe…or energize? Our interior design services encompass every consideration—space planning, internal layouts and adjacencies, accessibility review, sustainability, aesthetics, lighting, furniture design, finishes, and more—to take a holistic view of both the space itself and our clients’ needs.

Design-Build RFP Preparation

We have extensive experience delivering projects utilizing a design-build (D-B) methodology. We’ve served as the design lead for D-B construction teams for both private and public clients, including an award-winning Shore Operations Building for the US Coast Guard. Our team has also prepared D-B Requests for Proposal for a wide range of project types, including detailed programming of the space requirements, conceptual designs, and performance specifications.

Feasibility Studies

Spaces work best when designed with the people who will use them in mind. We work closely with our clients to Not sure if a property or site will meet your needs? A feasibility study will give you a detailed assessment of proposed or existing spaces to determine if it will work well for you—before you make a large investment. We’ll analyze sites and buildings to determine if the available area is adequate, if adjacencies and existing infrastructure are appropriate, if codes or local restrictions may hinder your project success, and what modifications might be required to accomplish your goals. In the building business, nobody likes surprises.


We’re pleased to support our clients with a range of services. Since our beginning, we’ve offered space planning, master planning, and functional space programming in addition to growth projections, passenger flow studies, and feasibility studies. We can assist you from the early seed of an idea through project definition and feasibility validation. If your project requires congressional funding and approval, our planning services can help secure the requisite future funding as well.

Technical Production

ECH provides some specialized production services to clients when perhaps full design services are not warranted or practical. These services include production of drawing materials such as conceptual plans, rendered images, and full sets of production drawings. We are also able to offer CAD drafting for civil, structural, mechanical, or electrical disciplines, as well as full-service open-ended contracts and construction document sets for federal agencies.