• ECH Architecture: Kobo


Our long-time client, Concessions International, tasked us to design a new store concept to remodel an existing space in the International terminal at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. We researched and explored a number of options for the overall look and feel of the new store, which was to serve sushi, udon, and Asian-style entrees. New casework, equipment, signage, and lighting were created for the front of the house, while behind-the-scenes operations were installed to facilitate food prep, packaging, and storage. Arresting, custom-designed feature signage was factory-formed from Lexan to emulate the fabric banners common to udon shops in Japan. The Kobo banner is augmented with white push-through letters backlit by LEDs to complete this modern take on a well-established theme.


Seattle Tacoma International Airport

Project Type

Restaurant Concept and Design

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