• ECH: Alaska Airlines Hangar 6 Renovation

Alaska Airlines Hangar 6 Renovation

Behind-the-scenes facilities are just as critical as customer-facing spaces in the aviation industry. When Alaska Airlines needed to expand line capacity for multiple aircraft types, ECH was up to the task. We provided design and construction administration services for the remodel of an existing heavy maintenance hangar and expanded line capacity to two maintenance lines supporting two aircraft types. By remodeling the existing 70,000 square-foot hangar, we also addressed the requirements of both shops and office facilities, while expanding an eight-line heavy-maintenance base. This project included a waste drainage system, apron paving, aircraft wash facility, sheet metal shops, parts inventory, upholstery and electronics, avionics and training rooms, an operations control room, and more. All with inspections and heavy machinery considerations. All within budget and on time.