• GSA Seattle HUD DOL Consolidation

GSA Seattle HUD DOL Consolidation

ECH is the Prime for full AE-services to design and prepare construction bid documents for the HUD/DOL Space Consolidation Project at the Federal Office Building in Seattle, WA. The project designed new tenant spaces allowing for the downsizing of each group’s lease footprint to meet OMB utilization rate targets. The HUD lease footprint shrunk from 67K SF to 37K SF (47% reduction) while the DOL footprint was reduced from 75K SF to 51K SF (32% reduction). Extensive communication via video teleconferencing between all parties – GSA, HUD, DOL and the design team (due to COVID restrictions) – led to a very successful design phase. The tenant groups were very comfortable with the full-breadth of design information presented and the project moved into the Design Development and Construction Document phases. The 100% Design submittal for this project is scheduled for June 2021. The ECH team has received excellent reviews by GSA, HUD and DOL including a recent PPQ evaluation from the GSA Project Manager with an Exceptional rating.

The HUD-group currently occupies space within the FOB, while the DOL-group will be moving from another building in the city. The construction-process will be phased with HUD TI-construction scheduled first allowing them to move into the newly constructed space, followed by the DOL effort in the newly vacated area.